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    Forensic Computer Examiner TrainingCivilian forensic computer examiners are highly skilled in the process of searching through computer files and digital media for evidence that can be used in criminal investigations and court cases. The continued emergence of this field has created a demand for qualified forensic computer examiners who have the appropriate training. Vista College, a leading provider of cost-effective professional development programs for adults, offers an online Forensic Computer Examiner training course that will thoroughly prepare you to enter this exciting and potentially rewarding profession.

    Our Course Is the First Step to Becoming a Certified Computer Examiner

    Successful completion of our online training program will prepare you to pass the Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) examination. The CCE designation is highly respected and can be an essential tool for securing employment as a forensic computer examiner in a large corporation or law enforcement agency. If you choose to become a self-employed examiner, certification can make a favorable impression on prospective clients and help you acquire more business. Our program is an authorized International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners training course; the ISFCE is the certifying body that issues the CCE credential.

    Comprehensive 80-Hour Online Training Program

    Our course consists of seven easy-to-follow modules encompassing all relevant topics pertaining to CCE certification. You will learn how to identify where and how data is stored and how to recover it. You will also develop and master the skills necessary to analyze and interpret the data, and arrive at accurate conclusions based on your findings. Additionally, you will become well versed in the relationship between your role as a forensic computer examiner and the legal process. Our hands-on training methodology includes a practical lab exercise where you will have the opportunity to examine a hard drive in an effort to find potential evidence.

    Preparation for the Vista College Forensic Computer Examiner Program

    Although not a requirement, successful completion of the Microsoft A+ certification program will ensure your readiness for our training course. You should also be comfortable working in a DOS environment and have some experience in working with hard drives. The course can be taken on a Web-enabled PC or laptop computer equipped with the Windows 7, Vista or XP operating system and the IE 7 Web browser or later version. If you are pursuing CCE certification, you cannot have a prior criminal record that includes a felony conviction or sexually-related offense.

    Complete Your Studies at Your Own Pace

    The Vista College Forensic Computer Examiner course is a self-directed online program where you can study at a pace that is compatible with your learning style. Upon registration, you will have around-the-clock access to the course materials, making it easy to achieve a manageable balance between studying and your work and family commitments. The course is facilitated by a knowledgeable instructor who possesses a strong law enforcement and computer forensics background and is willing to share his expertise with you. You will have up to 12 months to complete the program, and if you need more time, a three-month extension is available at a cost of $250, and you can receive a six-month extension for a $500 fee.  

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