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The field of Information Technology is one of the most valuable career fields in our society today. Because the world has become highly-dependent on computers and technology, earning your degree in an IT program offers a stable job that is both rewarding and offers opportunities for growth.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT industry has been rapidly growing since the 90’s, and has grown 37% just since 2003. Even during the recent economic recession, the IT field lost only 1% of its available jobs. By 2010, the IT industry had recovered even those jobs and has been growing steadily ever since. Currently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the IT industry is growing at a rate of 28%, which is faster than the average job outlook.

By earning your degree in Information Technology, you can ensure that your skills and education will help you attain a rewarding and stable career. At Vista College, you’ll earn your IT degree by studying the most up-to-date programs you need to become a skilled IT professional.

Available Courses:

Elements of the Vista College IT Program

Our IT program prepares you for the professional world of working with Information Technologies by providing you with knowledge about the wide variety of computer systems you may encounter in this field. Our IT courses focus on giving you experience with the many different Microsoft software programs, as well as with Windows servers.
You’ll also receive professional training certifications in a number of computer information systems while completing your degree, which will provide you with the many levels of professional experience required to get a job in the IT field. You’ll be able to show your future employers that you’ve been certified in many subsets of the IT field, which will show your expertise early on and help you get hired.

Vista College: The Professional Development Provider of Choice for IT Professionals

Vista College Professional Development programs are preferred by IT professionals for a number of important reasons. Our flexible scheduling simplifies the task of furthering your education without having to take time away from work or your family. We strive to make our courses enjoyable as well as informative to take the stress out of the educational experience, which also makes learning easier and more productive.
Vista College also has a proven track record of success in helping our students reach their professional goals by providing highly effective and customizable training solutions. By choosing to earn your degree at Vista College, you can learn about the specific IT solutions you are most interested in and build out your career from there. Not only will you be professionally trained in your future career, but you’ll also enjoy what you do for a living.

Let Vista College Help You Maximize Your Career Potential

Reaching your professional goals is possible with the right training, and the Vista College Information Technology Program is a great place to start. Beginning your career in the IT field has never been easier. As opportunities in this field continue to grow, getting a degree in IT solutions is both a stable and rewarding job that you’ll be excited to be a part of.

Enroll in our IT Program today, or contact Vista College now to learn more about the many opportunities an IT degree has to offer.

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