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EKG Technicians are healthcare professionals who perform electrocardiograms, which are common tests used to record the electrical activity of the heart. Physicians use electrocardiograms to determine possible abnormalities in a heartbeat.

You can make an important contribution to patient health by becoming an EKG Technician, but first you need the right training. The EKG Technician training course at Vista College can provide all the training you need to launch an exciting new career in as little as six weeks!*

EKG Tech - electrocardiograms

What Does the EKG Technician Course Cover?

Designed to help students sit for the EKG Technician Certification (CET) exam offered by the National Healthcare Association (NHA), this course was developed to teach students the skills needed to interpret a range of EKG test results. The curriculum also provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice key job skills that would be required of a practicing EKG technician. Background on the concepts underlying this skill set, such as an understanding of the heart’s anatomy and a background in the physiological patterns that generate a range of EKG test results, are also covered to help prepare students for a career as an EKG technician or in an associated healthcare field such as telemetry where a practical knowledge of the heart and cardiovascular system are valued.

During your EKG Technician training program, you will develop essential skills required by physicians’ offices, emergency care clinics and hospitals. These include how to properly document rhythm strips, which are used by doctors to accurately determine EKG results.


Why Should I Choose Vista College for My Training?

The Professional Development division of Vista College offers specialized programs to meet the educational needs of working professionals. Our goal is to offer a relaxed yet challenging learning environment that is both stimulating and fun.

Contact UsA rewarding new career as an EKG Technician is waiting, as long as you’re willing to take the next step. Contact us to learn more about how training from Vista College can open the door to the medical profession!
  *Successful, full-time enrollment required to achieve stated completion date.

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