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Indoor Air QualityWhile a great deal of attention is placed on the quality of the air we breathe when we’re outdoors, indoor air quality is sometimes overlooked. If you are a health and safety officer, facility manager or building engineer, you could be held responsible for poor air quality inside your facility. The online Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager training program from Vista College, a leading provider of cost-effective professional development programs, can provide you with the knowledge you need to ensure the air inside your facility is free of potentially harmful contaminants.

Our Program Leads to Third-Party Certification

Our 16-hour online training program can help you attain certification in the area of indoor air quality. Certification is available through the American Council for Accredited Certification, a highly respected global organization that offers independent third-party accreditation programs in a wide range of industries and professions. Your training will thoroughly prepare you to take and pass the ACAC certification exam, earning you the designation of Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager. The certification process increases your knowledge base and validates your indoor air quality expertise.

What Will You Learn During Your Training?

We’ve divided our training program into a series of easy-to-follow sections to facilitate the learning process. We will first introduce you to basic indoor air quality (IAQ) concepts and provide an overview of the certification process. You will then learn about common IAQ contaminants and their potential health consequences. Next, you will study the relationship between HVAC and IAQ.

As your training progresses, you will gain a strong understanding of your role as an IAQ manager in your organization. You will discover how to diagnose potential IAQ issues and assess the level of risk they pose to your company’s employees. You’ll also learn how to effectively resolve IAQ problems and prevent them from them from reoccurring. Finally, you will acquire the expertise to formulate a sound preventative maintenance plan to keep IAQ issues from impacting your facility in the first place.

Requirements for the Certified Air Quality Manager Training Program

No prior IAQ knowledge or experience is necessary to enroll in our program. However, you will need a Web-enabled computer that is equipped with the Windows XP operating system or later version, as well as the Windows IE 7 Web browser or more recent edition. Adobe Flash Player is also required. If you intend to pursue ACAC certification, you must have a high school diploma or GED, as well as two years of relevant work experience in an asset management, property management, risk management or corporate policy-making capacity.

Online Training Designed to Meet the Needs of Busy Professionals Like You

Our online training programs offer the flexibility to study whenever and wherever is best for you. Our courses are accessible on a 24/7 basis, so you can easily fit studying into your hectic lifestyle. You can progress at your own pace, without having to worry about keeping up with other members of a class. The course is facilitated by a knowledgeable instructor who has a wealth of real-world experience in working with a variety of IAQ issues. You’ll have six months to complete the program, but if you feel you need more time, a one-month extension is available at a cost of $25, while a 100-day extension is available for $100.


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