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Nursing is a noble and respected profession that can be highly rewarding for anyone who genuinely enjoys helping others. Nurse Assistant training will prepare you to fill a critical role in the healthcare field by helping nurses and physicians provide essential patient care. You can complete your Nurse Assistant training from Vista College on an accelerated basis so you can embark on your new career path without an extended wait.

What Does a Nurse Assistant Do?

Short Term Nursing Assistant ProgramAs a Nurse Assistant, you will work alongside doctors and nurses and perform essential tasks such as monitoring vital signs. You will also attend to basic patient needs, including feeding, bathing and dressing. Your close contact with patients will give you a unique perspective to observe changes in a patient’s condition. Nurse Assistants may work in a wide range of healthcare environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers and even in a home healthcare setting.

What Does Nurse Assistant Training Entail?

Short-Term Nurse Assistant training from Vista College is designed to prepare you to successfully complete the certification examination that is required to become a Nurse Assistant. Training will cover the various aspects of the position as outlined in the Texas Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook, including monitoring vital signs, the basics of physical therapy, equipment handling procedures, the applicable laws and regulations that pertain to the profession, and effective patient communication techniques.

Why Choose Nurse Assistant Training from Vista College?

The Vista College Short-Term Nurse Assistant training program gives you access to firsthand instruction from instructors who offer the benefit of years of real-world experience in a patient care setting. All clinical training is conducted at approved nursing facilities, so you’ll get hands-on experience in an actual work environment. The close instructor-student interaction ensures the most enriching Nurse Assistant training experience possible.

Graduates are qualified to pursue Texas State certification as a Nurse Assistant.

We Also Provide a Full Range of Valuable Career Services

As a Vista College graduate, you can also benefit from our assortment of beneficial career services, both at the start of your career and as it progresses over time. Our dedicated Career Services Department can play an important role in your journey by helping you identify multiple career and job opportunities, develop an effective job search strategy, create attention-grabbing resumes and cover letters, and perfect your job interviewing skills through role-playing and mock interview sessions.

Contact UsA rewarding career as a Nurse Assistant just doesn’t happen on its own—you have to make it happen. Contact a friendly and knowledgeable Admissions Representative today to learn more about how our Nurse Assistant training program can open the door to a rewarding future!

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