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Health Insurance II TrainingWhile gaining an understanding of the complex and constantly evolving world of health insurance can be challenging, it is imperative that all aspiring health care professionals have a firm grasp on essential health insurance concepts. But learning and mastering the fundamentals is only the start; you must also become familiar with how the complicated health insurance claims process works. Vista College can provide affordable and convenient online health insurance claims training that is essential for today’s health care professionals.

Build Upon Your Existing Knowledge Base

The online Health Insurance II course offered by Vista College is designed to build upon the health insurance educational foundation that was established during our Health Insurance I program. This comprehensive 23-hour course will introduce you to the health insurance claims process, with a focus on how it applies to a hospital environment. Our course is essential for anyone who is pursuing a career as a patient access specialist, a health care administrative professional who helps patients manage the hospital admissions process.

Elements of the Health Insurance II Course

Our training will help you develop the skills necessary for preparing health insurance claims and submitting them through the appropriate channels, while ensuring that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible. You will be able to identify the relevant information that is essential for timely, effective and accurate claims processing. As you progress through the course, you will develop the knowledge that is necessary for properly explaining the eligibility and claims processing requirements for Medicaid and Medicare to incoming patients, as well as describe the billing and reimbursement process for worker’s compensation, Tricare, Blue Cross and disability insurance.

An Important Step on the Road to PAS Certification

If you are genuinely committed to pursuing a career as a patient access specialist, completion of the Health Insurance II course can put you one step closer to achieving your goal. The Health Insurance II course is part of our five-course PAS bundle that will prepare you to pass the Certified Healthcare Access Associate exam. The CHAA credential is provided by the National Association of Healthcare Access Management and demonstrates your mastery of the necessary skills for becoming a PAS. Many employers look for CHAA certification during the hiring process, and the credential will prove invaluable as you seek career advancement opportunities in the future.

Vista College Brings the Classroom to You

Enjoy around-the-clock access to the Health Insurance II course with your Web-enabled computer. Log in whenever your busy schedule permits, without having to disrupt work or family activities. The user-friendly, interactive course materials simplify the learning process and even make it fun. By having the capability to control the entire learning experience, you eliminate the stress that can be a part of the typical in-person classroom environment. Repeat the lessons as often as you wish, and use the self-assessment tools to gauge your progress along the way.


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