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Health Care Compliance TrainingThe ever-changing health care laws and regulations make remaining in compliance an ongoing challenge for medical practices and health care providers throughout the United States. The failure to remain in compliance could result in substantial fines or even criminal prosecution if a federal audit detects irregularities. As a Certified Professional Health Care Compliance Officer, you will fill a vital role in your medical practice or health care organization by ensuring compliance with the latest governmental regulatory guidelines. Vista College, a leading nationwide provider of continuing education programs for working professionals, offers a cost-effective online training course that will enhance your career prospects as a compliance officer.

The Role of the Compliance Officer

As a health care compliance officer, you will bear the responsibility of creating and implementing a customized compliance program that meets the needs of your organization. You will also fill the important role of troubleshooter by constantly evaluating your health care organization’s policies and procedures and making adjustments where necessary. You will provide your employers with the peace of mind of knowing they are fully prepared if a third-party audit occurs.

Our Course Leads to Certification

Our course leads to Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO™) certification, a highly valued professional credential available through the American Academy of Professional Coders. Certification can be an important career step, as it demonstrates to current and prospective employees that you possess extensive knowledge of regulatory guidelines, as well as the skills to develop and execute an all-encompassing compliance program. Certification can lead to internal promotions and more rewarding career opportunities with other health care organizations. Successful completion of our 20-hour course ensures you will be fully prepared to sit for and pass the CPCO certification exam.

Improve Your Skill Set in a Number of Key Areas

As you progress through our program, you will develop skills in a number of job-relevant areas including:

  • Knowledge of various compliance program effectiveness techniques
  • Knowledge of Certification of Compliance Agreements and Corporate Integrity Agreements
  • Understanding of various federal fraud and abuse laws and the possible penalties for violating them
  • Understanding of regulations regarding HIPPA, CLIA and EMTALA
  • Ability to handle and manage an investigation or audit

Online Learning Where You Set the Pace

Our online learning programs allow you to turn your Web-enabled computer into a virtual classroom! Enjoy an award-winning instructional design and intuitive, easy-to-understand course materials that take all the hassles out of the learning experience. Log in and study whenever your schedule allows, whether it’s before going to work, during your lunch hour or after putting the kids to bed. You control the pace of your studying; you’ll have the flexibility to repeat lessons and assignments as often as you wish until you have mastered the material. Lesson assessments are also included to help you monitor your progress each step of the way. Our CPCO certification course is designed for individuals with one year of experience in health care compliance who are looking to broaden their knowledge base.


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